5 Tiny Mini Campers Under 1000 LBS You Can Tow With Anything

Photo from sealander.de

Rear kitchen of the NestEgg Trailer (Photo from NestEggTailers.com)

1. NestEgg Trailers

This company makes tiny ultra-lite tear drop camper that weighs in at just 625 pounds. It also features a kitchen in the rear with running water, built in food prep area, built in ice chest, and two slide out drawers. It is made out of composite materials and marine grade hardware, making it cleanable inside and out with just a hose. The base model without a kitchen starts out at just $6,995.

Photo from RoulottesProlite.com

2. Prolite Mini 13

At 950 pounds this mini version of a full size camper can be towed with a car. This tiny camper has room to sleep 4, with a dinette that changes into a bed and a rear sofa which also changes into a bed. It features a furnace, kitchen with a fridge, sink, and burner stove. Air conditioning unit and water heater are also available as addons to what is already included in the low price of (approximately) $17,000.

Photo from Sealander.de

3. Sealander

This boat/trailer hybrid camper is manufactured in Germany, and is available for purchase for approximately $17,000. It can be purchased in Canada and imported into the US. It has many options available including a sink and single burner stove. There is also an option to include a compressor cooler/fridge, portable BBQ, and an add on shower in the rear. There is a brochure available on their website with a full list and cost break down off all add-ons, making it an affordable option for many fun weekends on the river.


Photo from AmericanDreamTrailers.com

4. American Dream

This camping trailer/boat hybrid weighs in at just 650 pounds. Your purchase will include both the trailer, and the boat, for only approximately $12,000. There are a few retro color options available, along with many other options including a folding bed in other models. The exterior is made completely of fiberglass to keep the weight light, and ensures that your weekend home will last for many years.


Photo from TaxaOutdoors.com

5. Cricket Camper

This unique teardrop/pop up hybrid is for the weekend vacationer. While the company does not list the actual weight of this trailer, they do say that it is towable by most 4 cylinder cars. With just the base model, you can add on other options like an ac, fridge/freezer, an awning, or a roof rack. A sink and an exterior shower are included. The starting price is approximately $30,000, with many dealers available to finance.

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